Cardiotrack Raises $2 Million in Pre-Series A Round

Cardiotrack Raises $2 Million in Pre-Series A Round

Bengaluru-based Cardiotrack, a leading provider of data-centric healthcare screening technology and services, has recently secured $2 million in pre-series A funding. The investment was led by seasoned angel investor Girish Narasimhan, with participation from co-investor Y S Shashidhar.

Cardiotrack, founded by Avin Agarwal, offers at-home pathology and radiology screening services to its health and life insurance customers. Its pan-India network of diagnostic centers, technicians, and phlebotomists, equipped with the latest technology, operates in over 300 locations.

Innovating Healthcare Screening

Cardiotrack’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare screening by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Here are the key highlights:

Data-Centric Approach: Cardiotrack focuses on data-driven solutions that enhance the healthcare experience for both providers and consumers. By analyzing health data, they empower informed decision-making.

Health Insurance Providers: The company collaborates with health and life insurance providers, offering state-of-the-art telemedicine kits, data analytics, and unique screening technologies. Notably, their home-based treadmill test equivalent is a game-changer.

Previous Investments: Before this pre-series A round, Cardiotrack received an angel investment of $1.6 million from a cohort of UHNIs.

Insights from Investors

Girish Narasimhan, a seasoned angel investor and member of Cardiotrack’s board, expressed confidence in the venture’s direction. He highlighted the strong market validation achieved by Cardiotrack through its partnerships with leading life and health insurance providers. The venture is poised to reshape the future of healthcare

Future Prospects

With this fresh funding, Cardiotrack aims to expand its offerings, reach more clients, and drive positive change in the healthcare industry. The investment validates their commitment to innovation and improving healthcare outcomes.