Chandigarh Woman Loses Rs 80 Lakh in Aadhaar-SIM Card Link Scam

Chandigarh Woman Loses Rs 80 Lakh in Aadhaar-SIM Card Link Scam

A Chandigarh woman lost Rs 80 lakh in a sophisticated Aadhaar-SIM card link scam, where she received a threatening call from a fake Crime Branch officer.

India faces a growing web of online scams, where thousands of individuals have lost lakhs and crores to sophisticated fraudsters. Scammers continuously develop new tricks to deceive people and steal their hard-earned money. In a recent incident, a Chandigarh woman fell victim to a sophisticated scam, losing Rs 80 lakh to fraudsters posing as Crime Branch officers. This case is noteworthy because the scammers targeted the linkage between Aadhaar and SIM cards to threaten the victim.

The Fraudulent Call That Started It All

According to a report by Tribune India, the victim, who resides in Sector 11, Chandigarh, received a call from someone claiming to be a police officer from the Crime Branch in Mumbai. The caller asserted that someone was using a SIM card issued against her Aadhaar card for illegal money laundering activities. To appear credible, the fraudster informed the victim that there were 24 money laundering complaints filed against her, and then threatened the victim with a possible arrest.

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Falling Into the Trap: Aadhaar-SIM Card Link Scam

Panicked and seeking to avoid any legal trouble, the victim followed the caller’s instructions meticulously. To clear the case, the caller demanded that she deposit Rs 80 lakh into a specified bank account as part of an ongoing investigation. The caller promised that the money would be returned if she was found innocent. Desperate to clear her name, the woman transferred the money, only to realize later that she had been duped. By the time the victim understood the deception, the scammer had disappeared without a trace, and the funds were unrecoverable. A case has been registered at the cybercrime police station, and an investigation is underway.

Aadhaar-SIM Card Link Scam

Staying Safe: Aadhaar-SIM Card Link Scam

This incident highlights how scammers evolve their tricks to deceive people. It underscores the importance of being vigilant. Here are some essential tips to stay safe from such scams:

  1. Always Verify the Identity of the Caller: Genuine officials will never ask for personal details or money over the phone. Cross-check by calling the organization directly using a verified contact number.
  2. Never Share Sensitive Personal Information: Do not share Aadhaar numbers, bank details, or OTPs over the phone. Legitimate organizations will not request such information in this manner.
  3. Beware of Scare Tactics: Be wary of calls that use scare tactics to force immediate action. Law enforcement agencies follow proper legal procedures and do not resort to threats of arrest over the phone.
  4. Consult Before Acting: If you receive a suspicious call, consult with family members, friends, or trusted sources before taking any action. A second opinion can often prevent a hasty decision.
  5. Report Suspicious Calls Immediately: Report any suspicious calls or messages to the police and your service provider immediately. Early reporting can help prevent further scams and assist in the investigation.
  6. Use Official Channels for Verification: Use official channels such as government websites and helplines to verify any claims related to Aadhaar or other official documents.
  7. Stay Updated on the Latest Scams: Most importantly, keep yourself updated about the latest scams and fraud techniques. Awareness is a powerful tool in preventing cybercrime.


  • Chandigarh woman loses Rs 80 lakh in Aadhaar-SIM card link scam
  • Fraudsters posed as Crime Branch officers to deceive the victim
  • The incident highlights the evolving tactics of scammers