Gmail App Can Now Summarize Emails and Answer Questions

Gmail App Can Now Summarize Emails and Answer Questions

Google I/O 2024 brought exciting news for Gmail users. Google announced new AI capabilities within the Gmail mobile app, introducing features that will save you time and enhance your email experience. These enhancements are part of a broader integration of Gemini AI into Google Workspace apps, including Gmail, Drive, Slides, and Docs, providing powerful tools right at your fingertips.

AI Features in Gmail Mobile App

Summarize Email

The new “Summarize email” feature allows you to quickly get the gist of lengthy email threads. Simply tap the “Summarize” button at the top of your email thread, and Gemini AI will analyze the conversation and present a concise summary. This feature will roll out to Workspace Labs users this week and to all Gemini for Workspace customers and Google One AI Premium subscribers next month. With this, you can easily extract key points without scrolling through endless emails.

Gmail Q&A

Ever struggled to find specific information buried in your inbox? The new “Gmail Q&A” feature is here to help. By asking questions in natural language, you can prompt Gemini AI to fetch the information you need. Whether it’s a lost PDF file or an old report, Gmail Q&A will streamline your search. This feature will be available to Workspace Labs users on mobile and web starting in July.

Contextual Smart Reply

Google has enhanced its AI-powered reply tools with “Contextual Smart Reply.” This feature provides customized responses based on the context of the email you’re reading. You can edit these smart replies or send them as-is. Contextual Smart Reply will start rolling out to Workspace Labs users on mobile and web in July.

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Gemini AI in Workspace Apps

Google has also integrated a Gemini-powered sidebar into Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides, and Sheets. This sidebar will help you summarize, analyze, and generate content using insights from your emails and documents. Imagine planning a trip and needing specific details from your confirmation emails. You can simply ask Gemini, “What time does the Sphere open?” and get precise information without searching the web. The Gemini sidebar is now available for Workspace Labs and Gemini for Workspace Alpha users, with broader availability next month through Gemini for Workspace add-ons and the Google One AI Premium plan.


The AI advancements announced at Google I/O 2024 promise to make your Gmail and Workspace experience smoother and more efficient. From summarizing emails to providing smart replies and answering questions, these new features harness the power of Gemini AI to help you stay organized and save time. Get ready to explore these innovative tools and transform the way you manage your emails and documents.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to try out these features as they become available. Google’s continuous innovation in AI is set to make your digital life easier and more productive.