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Laravel Introduction
Laravel is a PHP framework that uses the MVC architecture. Laravel is a robust framework that provides easy development of PHP web applications with features like a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, access to relational databases, and other utilities for application deployment and maintenance.
Laravel Routing
Routing is one of the essential concepts in Laravel. Routing in Laravel allows you to route all your application requests to its appropriate controller. The main functionality of the routes is to route all your application requests to the appropriate controller.
Laravel Controllers
Laravel controllers are an essential feature in a Laravel framework.
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Namespaces can be defined as a class of elements in which each element has a unique name to that associated class. It may be shared with elements in other classes.


Declaration of namespace

The use keyword allows the developers to shorten the namespace.

use <namespace-name>;


The default namespace used in Laravel is App, however, a user can change the namespace to match with a web application. Creating user-defined namespace with artisan command is mentioned as follows −

php artisan app:name Infovistar


The namespace once created can include various functionalities which can be used in controllers and various classes.