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TensorFlow for Beginners
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pip install tensorflow      # Python 2.7; CPU support (no GPU support)      
pip3 install tensorflow     # Python 3.n; CPU support (no GPU support)      
pip install tensorflow-gpu  # Python 2.7;  GPU support      
pip3 install tensorflow-gpu # Python 3.n; GPU support


If the above commands fail, it may be possible that you are using an old binary to run the following commands

sudo pip  install --upgrade tfBinaryURL   # Python 2.7      
sudo pip3 install --upgrade tfBinaryURL   # Python 3.n


Using Docker

  • Install Docker on your system.
  • For GPU support on Linux, install Nvidia-docker. The latest version of Docker includes native support for GPUs and Nvidia-docker is not necessary.
  • The following downloads TensorFlow release images to your machine:
docker pull tensorflow/tensorflow                     # latest stable release  
docker pull tensorflow/tensorflow:devel-gpu           # nightly dev release w/ GPU support  
docker pull tensorflow/tensorflow:latest-gpu-jupyter  # latest release w/ GPU support and Jupyter  


To run a TensorFlow Docker image, execute the following command

docker run [-it] [--rm] [-p hostPort:containerPort] tensorflow/tensorflow[:tag] [command] 


For details on executing docker images, see the docker run reference.