GobbleCube Secures $1.9 Million in Seed Round Led by Kae Capital

GobbleCube Secures $1.9 Million in Seed Round Led by Kae Capital

Gurugram-based brand analytics platform GobbleCube has recently secured a significant $1.9 million in a seed funding round. The investment was led by Kae Capital, a prominent early-stage venture capital firm. Additionally, US-based consumer fund CRV and other angel investors participated in the funding round.

What Is GobbleCube?

GobbleCube, founded by former executives of quick-commerce firm Blinkit, specializes in helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands optimize their revenue management. The platform achieves this by automating data and decision-making processes across the e-commerce value chain. As e-commerce gains market share, brands increasingly turn to multiple platforms to reach their consumers. However, managing these platforms introduces a growing layer of complexity. GobbleCube aims to solve this pain point by providing insights and solutions to CPG brands.

GobbleCube leverages AI and automation to simplify data-driven decision-making by assimilating, modeling, and triangulating data to provide actionable insights for brands.

The Purpose Behind GobbleCube

According to Manas Gupta, co-founder and CEO of GobbleCube, brands often operate with limited amounts of data, making it challenging to manage multiple platforms effectively. GobbleCube was built with the core purpose of addressing this challenge. By leveraging data analytics and automation, the platform empowers brands to make informed decisions and enhance their revenue strategies.

Strengthening Product Engineering and Market Strategy

With the fresh capital infusion, GobbleCube plans to focus on two key areas:

  1. Product Engineering: The startup aims to strengthen its product engineering capabilities, ensuring its platform continues providing valuable insights and efficient solutions to CPG brands.
  2. Go-to-Market Strategy: Initially targeting India, Southeast Asia, and the US, GobbleCube intends to expand its market presence and offer its services to a broader range of brands.

Kae Capital’s Perspective

Gaurav Chaturvedi, partner at Kae Capital, emphasized the importance of solving the complexity faced by brands operating across various e-commerce platforms. He believes that GobbleCube’s team has the right context and skills to effectively address this pain point.


GobbleCube’s successful seed funding round reflects the growing demand for data-driven solutions in the e-commerce landscape. As brands navigate the digital marketplace, platforms like GobbleCube play a crucial role in optimizing revenue and streamlining decision-making processes.