Nanotech Startup Chiral Secured $3.8 Mn in Pre-Seed Round

Nanotech Startup Chiral Secured $3.8 Mn in Pre-Seed Round

Nanotechnology is revolutionizing industries across the globe, and one startup that’s making waves is Chiral. Recently, Chiral secured an impressive $3.8 million in a pre-seed funding round, setting the stage for its ambitious journey.

The Funding Round

The investment was co-led by Founderful (formerly known as Wingman Ventures) and HCVC (Hardcore Venture Capital). Additionally, Chiral received grants from ETH Zurich and Venture Kick. This substantial capital infusion will fuel the next phase of Chiral’s growth.

Unlocking New Market Opportunities

Chiral’s mission centers around integrating nanomaterials into devices. They’ve developed high-speed, automated robotic machines capable of precisely placing micrometer-sized (or even nanometer-sized) materials onto small chips. This level of precision and control is unmatched by conventional chemistry-based methods.

Technology Behind Chiral

Founded by Seoho Jung, Chiral’s cutting-edge machines are a marvel of engineering. These robots seamlessly integrate nanomaterials, opening up new possibilities in various fields. Imagine faster, more efficient electronics, advanced medical devices, and groundbreaking materials—all made possible by Chiral’s technology.

Scaling Up

With this funding, Chiral plans to ramp up its development efforts. Their next machine promises to unlock even more market opportunities. Additionally, they’ll expand their team to meet growing demand and serve an ever-expanding customer base.

HCVC: A Catalyst for Innovation

HCVC plays a crucial role in supporting startups like Chiral. With $130 million in assets under management, HCVC invests in pre-seed and seed companies that drive technological advancements. Their global presence—with offices in Paris, London, and San Francisco—ensures that groundbreaking innovations receive the backing they deserve.

A Bright Future for Chiral

Chiral’s success story exemplifies the power of nanotechnology and the impact it can have on our world. As they continue to push boundaries, we eagerly await the next breakthrough from this remarkable startup.