Firebase vs AWS — Google Firebase vs Amazon Lambda

Now you have to choose which vendor option you should go for serverless architectures.
Firebase vs AWS — Google Firebase vs Amazon Lambda

Now, apps are coming with more robust features than ever, which makes storing an application on a hosting service a great challenge. With serverless architectures, you can build your infrastructure from different components in the cloud and send them to managed servers. AWS vs Firebase uses computing resources only when it needs them. It means you only pay for the runtime and it’s easy for the app to scale when needed.

Now you have to choose which vendor option you should go for serverless architectures.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform because it offers over 200 fully-featured services from data centers globally.

AWS Lambda is an event-controlled, serverless computing platform offered by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services. This service runs code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources required by that code.

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Benefits of AWS over Firebase

No need to manage servers

With AWS Lambda you don’t need to manage and continuously keep an eye on infrastructure. Just write, upload, and run the code without managing servers.


AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume – there is no charge when your code is not running.

Highly secure services

AWS offers the most flexible and reliable cloud computing environment and the AWS infrastructure fulfills the security requirements of multiple businesses worldwide. It assures several robust security tools that can support security standards with ease.

More functionality

AWS is offering more features and services as compared to any other cloud service provider.

Benefits of Firebase

Managed Service

Similar to AWS Lambda, Firebase takes care of the infrastructure and scaling and it also can monitor your app 24/7 to ensure smooth performance.

Real-time database

The cloud-hosted real-time NoSQL database allows synchronizing data in Firebase because it allows easy access for developers to the data within any device and assists engineers in back-end code execution.

Fast and secure

Firebase is easy to use and has a variety of tools and services that are essential to speed up the application development process. It also takes care of your application and data security.


AWS vs Firebase: function creation, deployment, testing, and pricing

As AWS Lambda is more beneficial than Google Firebase in the most important categories including functionality, testing, pricing model, and scaling we suggest moving your app to AWS, or if you haven’t built an app yet, choose AWS as your cloud service provider.