Meta AI Now Available on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook in India

Meta AI Now Available on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook in India

Meta has launched its advanced AI assistant, Meta AI, in India, making it available on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. This innovative assistant can help you with everyday tasks, learning, and creative work, making your digital interactions smoother and more efficient. Let’s dive into how you can set up and use Meta AI on these popular platforms.

How to Use Meta AI on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, Meta AI can assist you directly within group chats. Whether you need restaurant recommendations for a night out or ideas for a road trip, Meta AI has got you covered. Look for a blue-purple circle icon at the top of your app once the update is available on your device. Simply tap on it, and Meta AI will join your conversation, ready to offer planning help and suggestions.

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How to Use Meta AI on Instagram

Using Meta AI on Instagram is just as easy. To interact with Meta AI in Direct Messages, type “@” followed by your query. Meta AI can provide valuable information, help plan events, or generate creative ideas right in your chat. While users are more likely to use this feature on WhatsApp, it could become quite handy on Instagram too.

How to Use Meta AI on Facebook

On Facebook, Meta AI enhances your experience by providing additional context and information about the posts you see in your feed. If you find a post about the northern lights, you can ask Meta AI for the best viewing times. In Messenger, Meta AI can help with chats like on WhatsApp, offering recommendations, planning help, and adding interactivity.

Imagine: A Standout Feature of Meta AI

One of Meta AI’s most exciting features is “Imagine.” This allows you to create and share AI-generated images directly from your chats. By using the word “imagine” in your interaction with Meta AI, you can craft personalized invites for events like birthday parties or develop mood boards for home decor inspiration. You can even animate or modify existing images by providing new prompts.

Meta AI on WhatsApp

Accessing Meta AI: Tips to Get Started

Meta AI is gradually rolling out across India, so keep your apps updated to ensure you get access as soon as possible. On WhatsApp, look for the blue-purple icon, and on Instagram, use “@” in DMs to check if you have received the update. Keeping your Meta apps updated ensures you don’t miss out on this fantastic AI assistant.