Gupshup Launches AI Business Conversation Tool

Gupshup Launches AI Business Conversation Tool

Gupshup, the conversational engagement pioneer, has unveiled its latest innovation: Conversation Cloud. This comprehensive suite of SaaS tools is poised to transform business-to-customer interactions by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in conversations.

AI-powered conversations represent the next major leap in user interfaces, following the era of websites and mobile apps. As businesses increasingly adopt conversational channels like WhatsApp, RCS, Instagram, and voice platforms, the Conversation Cloud becomes an essential ally for customer engagement.

This innovative SaaS platform leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to move beyond basic one-way messaging and enable rich, two-way conversations at scale. Conversation Cloud empowers businesses to:

  • Drive customer acquisition and engagement: Attract new customers and foster deeper relationships through personalized interactions on popular conversational channels like WhatsApp, RCS, and Instagram.
  • Enhance marketing and support: Conversation Cloud streamlines marketing efforts with targeted advertising and improves customer support with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Boost ROI: Gupshup boasts a significant return on investment (ROI) increase of 6-10x for businesses using Conversation Cloud.

Key Modules of Conversation Cloud

  • Converse: This module empowers businesses to create rich, two-way conversational journeys across the entire customer lifecycle. With advanced no-code tools, business users can configure customer journeys, and bot flows, and auto-trigger contextual messages. Marketers can segment audiences and deliver personalized experiences. Additionally, Converse includes ACE LLM, Gupshup’s domain-specific large language model, ensuring AI bots handle natural language queries within appropriate safety guardrails.
  • Advertise: Marketers can leverage Click to WhatsApp and Click to Instagram Ads to acquire, qualify, and convert customers. These tools bridge the gap between advertising and direct customer engagement.
  • Communicate: Businesses can maintain conversational relationships with customers using this module. Whether it’s support, commerce, or information dissemination, Communicate ensures seamless interactions.

Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud is built for the “Conversational Internet,” the next big trend in customer experience. With mobile-first users dominating the market, especially in emerging economies, businesses need to adapt. Conversation Cloud equips them with the tools to create engaging conversational experiences that will keep customers coming back for more.

Gupshup Advertise is a powerful tool that helps marketers acquire, qualify, and convert customers using Click to WhatsApp and Click to Instagram Ads. This feature enables brands to build their first-party database while significantly enhancing new customer acquisition and campaign return on investment (ROI). Brands that have used Advertise have seen a remarkable 60-70% reduction in cost per qualified lead and a 1.6X increase in sign-ups compared to traditional channels.

Real-World Impact

Vivo, the smartphone maker, collaborated with Gupshup during their 2023 Switch-off campaign. By leveraging WhatsApp and Gupshup’s conversational survey, they connected one-on-one with customers and gained valuable insights. The Conversation Cloud promises similar success stories for businesses across industries.

To learn how brands can benefit from the Conversational Internet, watch this video on Conversation Cloud.

About Gupshup

Gupshup is a platform that helps businesses advertise, communicate, and converse with their customers by using AI and CPaaS. With its conversational engagement solutions, Gupshup enables more than 45,000 brands across the world to deliver better customer experiences and increase revenue while saving costs. Some of its leading clients include Citibank, AkzoNobel, Khan Academy, Unilever, Dream11, Netflix, Flipkart, and Ola. Gupshup has an industry-trained Conversational AI platform and real-time unified profiles, which powers over 10 billion messages per month. The company is valued at $1.4 billion and has marquee investors such as Tiger Global, Fidelity Management and Research Co. LLC, and others.

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