How to Use Truecaller AI Call Scanner to Stop Scam Calls

How to Use Truecaller AI Call Scanner to Stop Scam Calls

Scam calls have become a significant concern in our tech-driven world, especially with the rise of AI-generated voice scams. These scams use artificial intelligence to create voice clones that sound just like real human voices. To combat this growing issue, Truecaller has introduced the AI Call Scanner feature. This advanced technology identifies and differentiates between real human voices and AI-generated ones during a call, providing real-time feedback on the authenticity of the caller’s voice. Let’s dive into how you can use this powerful tool to protect yourself.

How Truecaller AI Call Scanner Works

  1. Set Up Truecaller as Your Default Calling App:
    • Ensure you have the latest version of Truecaller (version 14.6 or higher) installed on your Android device.
    • The AI Call Scanner feature is part of the Truecaller Premium plan, which includes a free trial period.
  2. Activate AI Detection:
    • If a call seems suspicious or you’re uncertain if the caller is real, tap “Start AI Detection” to let the AI assess the situation.
    • When you press the button, the call will be briefly put on hold. This allows the AI to analyze the voice without interrupting your conversation.
  3. Real-Time Analysis:
    • Once you activate AI Detection, you’ll see an “Analyzing…” message. This indicates that the AI is examining whether the voice is human or computer-generated.
    • The process is quick, providing you with accurate information promptly.
    • No need to wait until after the call ends. The AI Voice Detection works in real-time, informing you instantly if the caller is human or AI. You’ll receive a message saying either ‘Human Detected’ or ‘AI Voice Detected’, helping you decide your next steps on the spot.

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Truecaller AI Call Scanner: Availability

The AI Call Scanner is currently rolling out in the United States and will soon be available in other key markets, including India. Initially available on Android, Truecaller is also working on expanding this feature to iOS users shortly.

The introduction of the AI Call Scanner is a fantastic feature for dealing with AI-driven scams. As scammers continue to evolve their techniques, tools like the AI Call Scanner are essential for maintaining the security and integrity of phone communications.