Metaverse- the new reality

As we know, Facebook got rebranded to the Meta, and the metaverse concept is trending nowadays, but what is the Metaverse? In July 2022, Metaverse was introduced as an artificial environment. The Metaverse allows users to experience it in 3 dimensions, so you may wonder how this is possible.

Imagine meeting your family and friends in a virtual 3D world created artificially instead of in person. You enter this world while you are sitting in your room using a special headset or special type of glasses.
Similarly, you are working or studying, or shopping you do all things that you do in real life but not in the real world instead you do these things in a virtual, artificially created the world with the help of special glasses.

How does it sound? Do they feel depressed?
Meta verse promises something akin to this for the future, met averse is a technology that would. Replace the internet in the future and will become the future of humanity, it is anything we can imagine

Metaverse contains many technologies such as virtual reality, blockchain, augmented reality, google glass, 5G internet, cryptocurrency, and NFT, combining this technology and creating a true metaverse will take a lot of time. Mark Zuckerberg estimates that it would take about 5 to 10 years for the key feature of the metaverse to become a part of the mainstreaming


Metaverse is a social network of 3D virtual worlds.