Chat GPT-open AI 

Have you Heard this name, it is a mind-blowing artificial intelligence chatbot

‘OpenAI’ company Introduce a new chatbot called chatGPT, a start-up focused on artificial intelligence and its potential use cases 

Chat-GPT is conversational AI that answers queries like humans, we can chat with the machine and it creates human interaction.

If you ask anything to the chatGPT, for example:-tips on how to set up a Christmas party, write an essay for world environment day, and even a fictional meeting between two well-known personalities.

The reason chatGPT has gone viral is because of the kind of responses it gives, being seen as a replacement for much of the daily tedious writing, from email to even college-style essays 

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained transformer and this is a kind of computer language model that realize deep learning techniques to produce human-like text based on inputs.

It works like a follow-up question and can Also admit it’s a mistake, and challenge incorrect premises. the model is trained to predict what will come next and that’s why one can technically have a conversation with chatGPT

Currently, it is a beta version for all users, you can. Go to the open website and signup to try out the chatGPT 

However, you will need to create An account with open to access these services 

The Chatbot has already crossed 1 million users, you might get the message that the beta is full!

You must have also got a question about why it generates so much buzz 

It is being seen as a replacement for the basic emails, party planning lists, CVs even college essays and homework also 

Chat -GPT can also use to write a code 

Some screenshots shared on Twitter showed how the chatGPT could be used to write essays, and math questions, and even spot errors in code.