Top 10 Programming Languages on GitHub in 2023

Top 10 Programming Languages on GitHub in 2023

GitHub reported that JavaScript is the most popular programming language in 2023, followed by Python and TypeScript.

GitHub released the most used programming languages on the platform. JavaScript has maintained its position as the top programming language, while Python and C++ are always in the top five. The third most widely used language of Open Source SoftwareOSS projects on GitHub, Typescript was surprisingly replaced by Java as a user base grew by 37 %.

Programming languages such as TSQL and TeX for data analysis and operations are being used by more people this year. Data science and research experts are turning to free, shared resources (open source) for their work. It is clear that these programming languages are being adopted much more than merely traditional software in a variety of areas; they are also finding their way into the development of various types of projects.

A GitHub report indicates that more developers are working with AI or artificial intelligence. This means there is a shift in how developers around the world are beginning to care about Artificial Intelligence and start taking it more seriously in their projects.

The most used languages on GitHub as of 2023 are listed below.


As the backbone of web development, JavaScript continues to dominate GitHub. Its versatility and compatibility with various frameworks like React and Angular make it an essential language for creating interactive and dynamic user interfaces.


Renowned for its readability and versatility, Python maintains its stronghold in 2024. Widely used in web development, data science, artificial intelligence, and automation, Python’s popularity is driven by its simplicity and extensive library support.


Building on the foundation of JavaScript, TypeScript has gained traction due to its static typing features. It enhances code maintainability and scalability, making it a preferred choice for large-scale applications.


A perennial favorite in enterprise development, Java remains a stalwart on GitHub. Its cross-platform compatibility and extensive ecosystem make it a reliable choice for building robust and scalable applications.

Go (Golang)

Developed by Google, Go has earned its spot in the top 10 with its emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and concurrency support. Go is particularly popular for building scalable backend systems and microservices.


Known for its focus on performance, memory safety, and zero-cost abstractions, Rust continues to gain traction. Developers appreciate Rust for its ability to build fast and reliable systems, making it a preferred language for systems programming.


PHP is a server scripting language that powers an important part of the Web. It’s included in a variety of content management systems, such as WordPress or Drupal, and is used with database servers like MySQL for the development of interactive websites.


C# is a versatile, multi-paradigm programming language that has gained popularity for developing .NET applications and is primarily used for Windows desktop applications and game development using Unity. For enterprise software, object-oriented design is preferred, and it is an integral part of the development of Windows-based applications.


With a rich history and a powerful feature set, C++ remains relevant in 2024. Widely used in game development, embedded systems, and performance-critical applications, C++ continues to be a go-to language for developers.


Valued for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly environment, Ruby is a favorite for web development, particularly with the Ruby on Rails framework. Its focus on simplicity and productivity makes it a timeless choice.

It is important to choose a programming language based on the specific project or task, as each language has its strengths, weaknesses, and application areas.