Top PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2024

Choosing the right web development platform to launch the website, there are a lot of things involved to make a successful launch.
Top PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2022

Planning to launch a new website? Worried about which web development framework to grasp? Well, creating a website includes a lot of maths. Choosing the right web development platform or framework to launch the website, there are a lot of things involved in making a successful launch.

Talking about web development platforms, PHP is the most secure and reliable choice among developers. PHP ensures faster time to development, a more secure, and easy-to-use platform making it everyone’s favorite.

There are a lot of options in PHP frameworks. We will discuss the top PHP frameworks that will make the web development process smoother and faster. Let’s begin with the details.


CodeIgniter is a fast, reliable, and extensively used PHP framework for building dynamic web applications. It comes with many built-in modules that allow the developers to create the components for making the whole web development process much easier.

CodeIgniter has earned the reputation of being the fastest PHP framework making it easy to create, update, and delete coding statements without writing any raw SQL.


  • It allows easy data transfers and tweaking.
  • Seamless error handling.
  • Includes data validation functionality.
  • Extendable framework (allows the developers to create their APIs, libraries, and packages).


Laravel is an open-source, insightful, easy-to-use, and highly scalable PHP framework that is used to build B2B, advanced multifunctional, and enterprise-level web applications.

It is a favorite choice of developers due to its ability to handle complexities with unmatched security and speed. Another reason why it is the developer’s favorite? it assists in easing common tasks like — authentication, routing, and queuing. It also comes with more than 20 built-in libraries that help in making web development projects a lot easier.


  • Offers caching support that helps in creating high-performing backends.
  • Have more detailed documentation
  • Support automated and easy testing which automatically shortens the time to market.
  • Comes with a simplified email integration system.


The CakePHP framework is open-source and follows the MVC model making the web development process faster. It allows the developers to keep the app interface separate from the business logic, thereby it also allows the developers to work on other parts of the apps simultaneously.

CakePHP is known for building feature-rich and visually impressive web applications as it supports custom templates that help in changing the overall look and feel of the app. The framework also allows the developers to create their components, libraries, extensions, and more to spend less time coding for apps with similar functionality.


  • Secure PHP framework with XSS protection, CSRF protection, SQL injection, and more.
  • Built-in testing features that help in enhancing the code quality.
  • Helps in efficient database management with automating features.
  • Built-in validation features that make the development less time-consuming.


Yii is a high-performing, open-source, component-based PHP framework that allows in creation of large-scale web apps.

It comes with various security features such as cross-site scripting prevention, cookie attack prevention, and more making it suitable for the development of big projects like — CMS forums, e-commerce stores, and more.

Yii also offers several highly extensible tools that help in generating the code faster. Also, it provides elegant caching support that allows the developers to create highly optimized web applications.


  • Comes with great development and performance speed.
  • Integration with AJAX and jQuery features.
  • Provides effective error handling and efficient logging systems.
  • Features Gii which eases the process of rapid prototyping.
  • A large community of developers to handle queries and problems.

You may find various PHP frameworks for web development, but remember each one of them has its own set of pros and cons. Before you start, make sure you analyze your business requirements. It is important to analyze what tasks need to be accomplished and then decide what expertise is required to fulfill the tasks.

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