DALL·E 2 – New AI System

DALL·E 2 - New AI System
DALL·E 2 - New AI System

DALL·E 2 is an artificial intelligence system created by OpenAI that uses deep learning to generate original images from textual descriptions.

It was introduced in 2021 and trained on a massive dataset of text and images, allowing it to generate a wide range of unique and imaginative images based on a given prompt. It can generate images of objects, scenes, and abstract concepts, and even combine multiple concepts in a single image.

DALL·E 2 has received widespread attention for its ability to generate highly creative and original images and has potential applications in areas such as advertising, graphic design, and web development.

It can create realistic images and art from the text description. For example, a cat playing basketball. DALL·E 2 will add realistic images and retouched photos, We can replace the image with an AI-generated image, which creates more realistic and accurate images with high resolution, greater comprehension, and new capable images.

It creates realistic edits into existing images, it can add and remove elements such as reflection, light, shadow, and texture, It takes input as text and creates different views of the image

You may be thinking that the wording is so funny and specific, and it is. Since the AI is susceptible to your words, I have found it best to be as particular as possible when describing the image.


DALLE 2 helps people express themselves creatively to the entire world