Top 5 Best eCommerce APIs You Should Know

Top 5 Best eCommerce APIs

With the constant change in technology (eCommerce) and the introduction of innovative ways of transformation of a digital world, we all are evolving day by day. There was a time when it was hard for an individual to see a computer, but where are we now with immersive powerful mobile phones in our hands that can do a lot more. Similarly, The beginning of the E-commerce Market was introduced in the ’90s by Amazon, and since then, a trend has begun and we started shifting towards a new digitalization.

In this article, we are going to follow the 5 best e-commerce APIs that you should know that exist today and are dominating the entire e-commerce market.

But first, let’s understand what is API?

An API (Application Process Interface) is a bridge that determines the interaction between two applications or systems. API is a service that delivers your request to the provider and then the provider delivers the response back to you through the same API.

Best eCommerce APIs
Application Process Interface

Now, let’s read about the 5 best e-commerce APIs available in the market.

WooCommerce API

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. In the world of e-commerce, WooCommerce is one of the biggest hits and a stable platform. It holds more than 5 million customers globally. It uses REST Structure which helps it in making it more seamless than others. The WooCommerce API is used to read, create, update, and delete data.

Shopify API

Shopify is one of the widely used APIs in the e-commerce market with a whopping 1+ Million active users globally. It is the most reliable APIs for e-commerce that powers up millions of websites globally. Shopify’s API is stable and synchronized in a proper structure, and also allows developers to work with different methods such as Order, Category, Customer, etc. and works with XML with regular updates which help developers to work seamlessly.

BigCommerce API

It is one of the best APIs for software developers as it offers multiple SDKs, they can use them freely over multiple tasks to save time. It holds more than 150 thousand merchants throughout the world. BigCommerce is one of the best choices among developers, especially for establishing new online stores. It uses REST and CRUD methods which helps this API in becoming more scalable.

Magento API

This API allows in connecting for better integration so that web services can be used at their maximum capabilities. With the help of 4 methods (POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE) It supports both JSON and XML. It has been a favorable API and is being used by more than 2,50,000 Customers over the globe. It also uses REST and SOAP respectively that uses XML-RPC which allows them to communicate with the client.

eBay API

When it comes to e-commerce, eBay is one of the best platforms. It has massive 180+ Million users, it is presently ruling in many parts of the world. Its API helps in managing various features like selling, searching, or buying any goods over the platform. It works with both XML & JSON and enables developers to address their queries on their Developer Forum page.

 Amazon API

It is one of the most popular APIs available in the market. Currently, Amazon is holding 100+ Million paid customers and 300+ Million monthly users. When it comes to e-commerce it delivers a great experience and offers to add, order, payments, etc. It also allows users to view product images, seller details, and much more. Amazon API uses XML or CSV for the exchange of information and it is one of the oldest available in the market. It needs a certain level of skill set and vast knowledge to handle it appropriately.

Squarespace API

This API helps developers to customize inventory, review order history, and access any further details. Currently, it is powering more than 2,70,000 websites globally. It is considered the most suitable for startups or small businesses who wish to start their e-commerce store with straightforward functionalities.

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There is a lot of other APIs available in the market but we have picked up a handful of the best Ecommerce APIs for you and each one of these APIs is doing great in the market. If you’re seeking help with any API integration. We can help you to give your website a kick start and achieve new milestones!